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So, I can't stop playing. I mean, it's bad, like, Hotline Miami bad. I need to be locked away from the game in order to get it out of my system. I wake up in sweat due to the fact that I had to go without playing it for a few hours.

Miners Edge. Our new project :D

2012-11-07 02:20:49 by Lurid138

We are so excited to bring this to you. It's kind of retarded.

Slender Source Teaser: Fan Edit

2012-08-24 19:11:47 by Lurid138

Seeing as the DEV team for Slender Source has just released a teaser for the game but felt it needed constructive criticism, I made dem DIS.
Sleep tight.
Be sure to check the DEV Team's MODDB at:

Aggro noobs FaceBook at:

CreepyPasta this shit.

Lets Play quickie: Slender

2012-08-17 18:25:34 by Lurid138

So yeah, I was a bit drunk and talked into playing this little game by a few friends.
So I finally gave in.

It's just a short play through, but many more are on the way.
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We need your help, This is grass roots shit guys!

Nightmare House 2

2012-08-15 13:56:03 by Lurid138

I know it's a bit late, but no one asked for your opinion anyway!
But seriously, DAT MOD, I stumbled across this one on the Steam forums and fell in love. Built on the source engine and more to the point, modded for Half Life 2: Episode 2, Nightmare is primed with enough horror and jumps to have you crying to sleep for days.
I had already played through the mod proper, but not the prologue. so, for your amusement and at my expense, I elected to record it and make a quick let's play of the horrors inside of this piss-your-pants-tastic house.
I couldn't recommend this one any more, It's free and link-able to steam.

You can find the mod here:

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Lets Play Drunk

2012-08-06 02:48:40 by Lurid138

First video, anything thoughts?

Lets Play Drunk

Aggro Noobs makes first post; Crafting Ryu!

2012-08-05 18:33:59 by Lurid138

AggroNoobs has been in the works for a few months now. It's the brainchild of C.D. and Myself ( as Deadpixil ).
It's theme is an open source gaming channel dedicated to all things gaming. But there's a twist.
Rather than simply doing a "Lets Play" we will be doing things like "Lets Play Drunk!". The goal is to take all the things we know of gaming and rip them a new ass. Taking truly brutal gaming and reviews back to their roots. Almost like X-play before they lost their soul to EA.

Be sure to head over to our Facebook page for news and general lulz.

Aggronoobs - Crafting Ryu

Happy Halloween

2011-10-20 22:25:54 by Lurid138

Here's a Fiend Skull pumpkin for jew.

Happy Halloween

It's been a while

2011-01-23 16:35:04 by Lurid138

Wow, I haven't been on Newgrounds in a little over a month.

Shit's been crazy with finding a new job, moving out and the lack of internet access at my place.

Because of all this, I haven't even had the time to work on anything truly new for the site. There are a couple of paintings I have in mind, but I need to go pick up a couple of canvases (sp?) to start them...when I have a few bucks to spare......those and a new tablet. ( If anyone has one they'd like to sell, PM me and we'll talk pricing).

I mean for fuck's sake, I haven't even been able to get any work done on my RPGS that I'm running for White Wolf and D20....sad really.

IDK, hopefully I'll be on more often, but I doubt it, at least for another couple of months.


2010-12-17 04:57:33 by Lurid138

But I'm broke, anyone know where I can jack one?! HMMMM?!

Also cocks.