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Psilocybin Psilocybin

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Zombie Geisha Zombie Geisha

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Ever thought about designing tattoos?

Because I would personaly love work like this on my body!
If you're interested, I'd love to comission you for an upper arm piece.
Please let me know if you're up for it.
I may not be able to pay, but your work will be walking/ living art!

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It'sa' me! Depressed Maarioo! It'sa' me! Depressed Maarioo!

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Kinda creeps me out.....

Awesome work though!

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BananasFoster responds:

Thanks! I'm glad it creeps you out; I wasn't going for that, but hey, it works!

Angry Faic 360 Controller Angry Faic 360 Controller

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Very cool!

I love painting and moding the colors of consoles and controllers. this is a clean job with a nice finish.

If it's cool to give an idea, you should try and pick up a red controller for the Super Meat boy sticker!!

TheSpicanator responds:

hahaha yeah man. I didn't think about a red one. that's a good idea though man. good thing I work at gamestop huh!

Pikachu, I Choose You! Pikachu, I Choose You!

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I lol'd

Ruerue, fuck off, I lawled so hard I nearly shit a cat.

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sucho sucho

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Print wanted!!!


sucho responds:

i got one in my room to block vents. it didnt sell well.